Frequently asked questions

  1. How do I get to Dairyuji Temple?
    We’re located in Akita Prefecture on the Oga Peninsula. Find directions and instructions here.
    Show this address to the taxi driver:

    〒010-0511 秋田県男鹿市船川港船川鳥屋場34
    Toriyaba-34 Funagawaminato Funagawa, Oga, Akita 010-0511
    Ph. 0185-24-3546

  2. When is the next Meditation and Mindfulness Retreat?

    We hold our retreats in Spring and Fall. the latest dates should be here or sign up for our newsletter to hear first.

  3. What’s the weather like at Dairyuji Temple?
    Check our blog, we have written a post called

  4. Can I bring my children to Dairyuji Temple?
    During regular open hours you’re welcome to bring your children to enjoy the temple and the gardens.
    The retreat is not suitable for children however teenagers over the age of thirteen are welcome to attend with a parent.

  5. Are you open outside of the retreat weekends?
    Give us a call to check 0185-24-3546
    Generally temples are public places which are always open. Please be respectful, do not enter areas that are closed off, do not smoke or talk loudly. If you enter a building please remove your shoes. Take all litter home with you.

  6. What kind of food will be served during the retreat?
    We have local restaurants catering for us, organic and seasonal vegetables are always on the menu as well as Akita rice.

  7. Is the retreat food suitable for vegetarians?
    Let us know if you are vegetarian or vegan and we will make sure there are options for you.

  8. Can I bring my pet to Dairyuji Temple?
    Sorry, Dairyuji is not suitable for pets. Please leave your pets at home.

  9. I’ve never meditated before? Will I be able to participate in the retreat?
    We cater to all skill levels and offer instruction in both English and Japanese.

  10. I’m booked into the retreat, how do I pay?
    Look for the bank account details on your confirmation email or email me and I will send you the link to the bank account or PayPal.

  11. How much money do I need to bring to the retreat?
    Aside from your transportation to and from the retreat there are no other expenses. The retreat is all-inclusive.

  12. Is coffee served at Dairyuji Temple retreats?
    Yes! But on other days we serve Japanese tea only.

  13. Do you provide accommodation to visitors? Can I find you on AirBnB?
    We are not a registered hotel or inn and we do not take bookings for stays. Please check our retreat page if you would like to stay with us.

    Any other questions contact us through Facebook.