Mindfulness Zen Retreat

October 25 - 27, 2019


Enjoy a weekend of mindfulness to reconnect with yourself through yoga and meditation. Our retreat is open to all levels of experience in meditation, mindfulness and yoga. Whatever you need, we hope you will be able to find it at Dairyuji.

If you're curious about life in a working Buddhist temple or are looking for ways to rebalance, we think you'll enjoy our retreat. Structured with just the right amount of planned activities, excursions and togetherness, there is plenty of downtime, as well an opportunity to explore the spectacular peninsula. 


All inclusive price is $500

Please fill out the application at bottom of page to sign up!

In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities; in the expert’s mind there are few.
— Shunryu Suzuki



  • If you've never meditated before, don't worry.

  • For those who would like guidance or to learn what to expect we will have a short workshop on Friday evening to show you the basics.

  • We will have both sitting and walking meditation sessions.

  • Meditation instructions will be provided in English.

  • Our instructor Aiko is a beautiful warm soul with a genuine and inclusive nature.

  • The focus will be on the body / mind connection so your ability to do all of the poses perfectly is less important than allowing yourself to be in the moment.

  • We will provide yoga mats. You don't need special equipment, loose comfortable clothing is perfect.

  • Yoga instructions will be conducted in Japanese with English interpretation.

Price is all inclusive of accommodations, amenities, meals and activities. Once you arrive no money is necessary. 

You will be assigned Japanese futon mattress-style bedding in shared tatami rooms, separated by gender. Two to four people per room.

We have a shared private bathroom for showering; separate male and female toilets and powder rooms.

Fresh towels, and toiletries such as bath soap, shampoo and conditioner, hair dryer etc. will be provided.

Five meals will be served, including one dinner, two breakfasts and two lunches. There will also be teas and coffee and snacks available at your leisure. 

There will be one yoga class, three meditation sessions and one dharma talk.

Saturday afternoon you will have the opportunity to explore the Oga peninsula. 



Retreat Schedule





Arrive at the temple and get acquainted with your new surroundings. 

7:30 PM


Nighttime meditation

Learn the basics of meditation while overlooking lit up zen garden.


Lights out

We respectfully ask that lights are out by 10pm in sleeping area. Anyone who would like to stay to read or talk with friends may do so in separate room.





Morning meditation

Morning bell will ring at 6:00 and meditation begins at 6:30 in tea room. 








Share a family style lunch in temple followed by free time to relax or explore the temple grounds.   



Drive up the stunning coastline and watch the sunset on the Sea of Japan.

Eat dinner at local restaurant.

Enjoy a one of kind drum performance from the Namahage Daiko.


Lights Out



Morning meditation

Morning bell will ring at 6:00 and meditation begins at 6:30 in tea room. 




Dharma talk



Enjoy a bento lunch `picnic` style. 



Share a moment to say our goodbyes to our new sanga (community).


register for retreat

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Registration for Fall retreat, October 25-27th, 2019 is open.  

The all-inclusive price for this retreat is $500. Includes all meals, accommodation and activities.       .

Your personal travel costs to get to the retreat are not included in this price.



Traveling FROM Tokyo to AKITA

Either fly into Akita Komachi Airport or take the Akita Komachi shinkansen bullet train to Akita train station. Follow directions further to Oga. 


Traveling from Akita Airport to OGA

Take Akita Limousine bus, that departs regularly, to Akita train station. It costs ¥900 per adult and takes 30 minutes. From there take JR Oga line to its final destination at Oga station. You can walk the 10 minutes or take a taxi to temple.

OR take Akita Liner Taxi Van to Oga station directly from Airport. It costs ¥3,400 and takes 80 minutes.


Traveling from Akita train Station to OGA

Take JR Oga line train to its final destination at Oga station. Cost is ¥700 one way for an adult and takes 55 minutes.  Temple is within walking distance from station, approximately 10 minutes. Taxis are also available at station.


*We are happy to pick up our Mindfulness Retreat participants from train station if we are notified of your arrival time.