Our community


Closely connected to the community, Dairyuji`s events and retreats are run with the help and talents of many local people.


Keno Miura

Head priest

Keno grew up at Dairyuji, playing in the garden and climbing trees as a young boy. After training at Eihiji Monastery for 3 years he backpacked around the world.  He is the 38th head priest of Dairyuji.



Gretchen Miura

Retreat coordinator

You may know Gretchen Miura as the designer and creator of SORAbento. Gretchen is an American and has lived in Japan for more than 15 years with her husband and four children. 


Aiko Fujiwara

Yoga instructor

Aiko pursued her yoga practice after suffering from panics attacks while living in Tokyo. Eventually becoming a certified Hatha yoga instructor she taught for several years in Okinawa before returning to Akita in 2014. Her warm style of teaching creates a welcoming environment for everyone to enjoy.


Yoshie Sumiyoshi

Cooking instructor 

Living closely to the land as an artist and cooking instructor, Yoshie is a true free spire and infuses fun into everything she does!  She cooks with seasonal food including locally foraged wild vegetables. She is very excited to run our cooking workshop!






Perched on the rugged coastline of Oga, Kirakiraka offers stunning views of the Sea of Japan while you bathe in an onsen.





A renovated farm house, Ninigi cafe is an off the beaten path destination that will surely delight. Ninigi`s menu includes teas, coffee, deserts and a daily lunch.




Gourmet deli

A popular gourmet deli and bento caterer, Fukushima is a family run business in Oga that sources their produce and meats locally.


Namahage Museum

Cultural museum

The story of Namahage  is woven into the fabric of the Oga peninsula culture. A beautifully curated museum, tucked away in the mountains, gives you special insight into this unique legend.