Your adventure starts with the journey to get here

The Akita Shinkansen photo by Waychen used with Creative Commons License

The Akita Shinkansen photo by Waychen used with Creative Commons License

Do we have any train buffs here? Our friends at JR East love Oga and they try to make it as easy as possible to get here. We even have our own Shinkansen bullet train!

The Akita Shinkansen “Komachi” leaves directly from Tokyo station and takes 4 and 1/2 hours to arrive at Akita station. It is a wonderful way to see the the Japanese countryside as the urban sprawl of Tokyo gives way to expansive rice fields and mountains. Grab a bento lunch box and enjoy the thrilling ride! Timetables can be found here for the Akita Shinkansen.

If you are a visitor to Japan with a foreign passport you might be eligible for a special rail pass. See here.
Oga (our town) is listed as a place of interest on the JREast site. They have this to say:

Located in the Tohoku Region, Akita Prefecture is home to a great number of famous sightseeing spots and specialty products. For instance, there are Nyuto Hot Spring Village, popular among seekers of out-of-the-way hot springs, sake made from premium rice and water that embody the natural excellence of the region, and Yokote yakisoba and other delicious foods that originated with the common people.
Other attractions include Akita culture and Shirakami-Sanchi, a World Heritage Site.
Take a JR East train to Akita with all its great attractions, a great place everyone should visit at least once.

The trip to Oga is filled with beautiful sights and is sure to help you transition from the bustle of the city and everyday life to a more relaxed state, ready to expand your mind and spirit. From Akita station, please take the JR OGA line to the last stop at Oga station, just under one hour. Akita station is very easy to navigate with a handful of restaurants and shops, but please note it will be the last time you see a Starbucks! Along with Namahage, we can meet you at the Oga station where you will immediately feel like you have been dropped into a different era.