All About Oga


Oga Peninsula is on the western side of Akita prefecture and boasts a stunning long coastline along the Japan Sea. Many of its beaches appear on lists such as the Top 100 Best Beaches in Japan and Best Sunset Spots of Japan. Winters are harsh and Fall descends early but it just means we enjoy an ever changing backdrop of incredible scenery provided by Mother Nature.

Summer in Oga is relaxing, days are spent at the beach or at the many festivals and firework displays in August. In small rural areas the saying “It takes a village” still rings true. Our temple is the anchor which holds the community together and summer is the time when relatives return to the place of their birth to celebrate the Buddhist holiday O-bon with their families. We love being part of people’s everyday lives.

Visitors to our area are enthralled by the legend of the Namahage, a demon-like kami-sama (god) who descend from the mountains on New Year`s Eve and to which our city has a dedicated museum.

During our weekend Meditation & Mindfulness Retreat we usually take our guests to a live Namahage Taiko drum performance. It’s extremely invigorating and is a surprising lesson on mindfulness.

The most delicious rice is grown in Akita and we are provided with bountiful gifts from the sea and earth. It’s a foodie’s paradise. At our temple events we hire local caterers to provide healthy locally sourced meals for our guests. We also take our guests to a renowned izakaya restaurant one evening during the weekend retreat.

Oga Peninsula is accessible by plane or shinkansen and a perfect weekend getaway to enjoy the beautiful countryside of Japan. If you visit Oga Peninsula on a weekend when we are not hosting our retreat (usually Spring and Fall) you are welcome to call in to enjoy strolling around our 800 year old temple and its beautiful gardens. We’ll offer you a cup of tea and leave you to meditate in the fresh sea air.

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