Eating at a zen buddhist retreat


You probably have an idea about the kind of food that is eaten by Buddhist monks and you might be a little concerned about visiting us for fear of going hungry. I think you will be ok! The most delicious rice in Japan is grown in Akita prefecture so most meals will include brown rice or noodles such as udon. We also cook with locally grown seasonal vegetables.

We collaborate with caterers and restaurants to provide healthy, colorful and tasty meals at our retreats. We love to support local and are always delighted by the amazing dishes!

We’re often asked about coffee … we made the decision early on to have coffee in the self-serve snack area. Strictly speaking buddhist monks do not drink coffee but we know it might be hard to give up for a whole weekend. We also provide water, herbal and green tea as well as snacks.

Breakfast at the temple is more western style. We set up a buffet style breakfast with local breads, my personally homemade scones, oatmeal, yogurt and granola, fruit, tea and coffee, juices etc.

We try to accommodate meal restrictions and allergies but this can be difficult. There is a refrigerator for guests to use if you find it necessary to bring your own food. Please let us know in advance if you have any food restrictions or concerns before booking your retreat stay.

Looks so good! Seasonal rice dish and soup.

Looks so good! Seasonal rice dish and soup.